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Alan Nelson

Alan started his Pawn Career back in (2007-2016) with EZ Corp out of Austin Texas. Alan was Vice President of Operations for EZ and directed 223 stores in Texas, Nevada, and Utah. This division was a $200 Million-dollar division and he was responsible for all aspects of these stores and that division during his tenure.

Prior and Post EZ Alan was a Regional Director for Rent-A-Center and oversaw 120 stores in California, Arizona, and in North Carolina.

Post his involvement with RAC Alan was a regional manager for MarketSource (Electrolux) supervising some 20 district managers with 1100+ stores.

Today Alan has developed the PawnTrain application that is an electronic Pawn Training product that provides high-level training to new pawnbrokers coming into the business.

PCG with Alan will be further developing the PawnTrain application to include various software products currently offered as part of that training application, and will also be assisting with on-boarding clients who are switching from one pawn software product to another, as well as basic in store support and training to facilitate greater ease in one of the most difficult situations there is in business, changing software.


Dave Larson

Dave started with Value Financial Services or (Value Pawn 70+ Stores) back in 2002 – 2009 and quickly progressed to be Director of Operations responsible for 1/3 of the operations of the company in Tampa, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Plant City, Leesburg Florida, and remained in that position after the Company was acquired by EZ Corp in late 2008 for 120+ Million Dollars.

Post that event Dave was a partner/manager of Mega Pawn & Jewelry in Orlando Florida until the operations were acquired by CashWiz out of the Cayman Islands earlier this year.

Dave specializes in multi-unit, multi-store management and will fill a wide range of roles for PCG in the field and elsewhere. Specializing in establishing standard operational procedures “SOP”, budget oversight, KPI’s and store level financial performance, audit controls, personnel reviews, training, and much more.