Jerry Whitehead

Jerry is the Owner/Lead Consultant of Pawnshop Consulting Group. The group began its early formation in the late 90’s and formerly culminated in 2001. The group includes a number of highly recognized industry human resource professionals, seasoned pawnbroker/consultants, legal & accounting professionals, and a host of financial professionals and others that all participate within the group on a needs basis.

Over the years the group has been providing a wide range of consulting services and needs to a number of single and multi-store operators. These would include private and publicly traded companies many of which are national and international operators in numerous markets and countries on multiple levels.

Mr. Whitehead has been on the lecture circuit for the last 15 years presenting high-level presentations and events for numerous trade shows in the USA including the National Pawnbrokers Association along with the Midwest PBA, the California PBA, the Dixie PBA, Fenacoven in Colombia, AMESPRE in Mexico, NPA of the UK - London, and numerous others over the years.