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Steve Urvan

Steven founded GunBroker.com in 1999 – bootstrapping the Company from a concept into its current status as one of the 500 largest websites in the USA today. In his prior role at a now-defunct publicly traded company Global Village Communication, Steve had P&L control over a software development and marketing division. Steve acquired the start-up capital for GunBroker by day trading internet stocks during the Internet bubble of 1999 – 2000. Steve drives business, technology, and funding strategy for IA Tech (GunBroker.Com)


Stephen Verska

Steve Verska serves as CTO for GunBroker, where he leads enterprise technology and predictive analytic initiatives to grow the GunBroker ecosystems. Steve has spent 25 years delivering technology enabled business transformations for Big Data companies where he has a proven track record of leading large distributed teams to deliver innovative digital solutions. Prior to GunBroker, Steve has held the global CIO and other executive leadership positions at First Advantage Equifax, and Accenture.